I’ve already uploaded fractovia’s skeleton to this new WordPress installation. A lot more is scheduled for the coming days, including the old software section, which will be renewed with recent fractal generators in the coming months. I hope everything works out well.

This new picture above, as usual, was done in Tiera-Zon.

There’s something else I realized these past few days: I’ll stop claiming I’m a fractal artist (if ever I did so). As I review my old pictures and consider the ones I’ve been working on lately, I know I’m not a pure algorist, precisely controlling every little step in the generative process, carefully examining the variables at play as to secure a particular rendering. Maybe other people do so, I think I don’t, or at least not with so much dedication. I see myself as an explorer taking shots as I zoom deep within the fractal world. I may be a meticulous observer picking formulas to try out (I’ve even attempted to write my own), recording what I find provoking, coloring and framing a particular selection until I get an intended result; that’s how I can describe what has been my commitment. I say so not to mean that my pictures aren’t aesthetically pleasant anymore. Yes I want them to be so, but that may be more a by-product rather than the end in itself. There’s still some art to them (they’re certainly not snapshots to upload to facebook to remind me of past events), but I doubt there will be anything innovative or trendy as to mean something in the grand scheme of things.

Maybe I’m getting old and the awe of youth has passed on to a new generation, but that’s the way I see my “fractal art” now.

If an ID is still needed, would it be alright to call myself a fractal colorist?