Quaint name for fractal dimensions

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A few days ago I was saying how I think my pictures are kind of “traditional”, as in a little bit outmoded. And so they are… if you compare them to what people with more recent –sophisticated– fractal generators can do (the software used to render mine, long forgotten by their own authors, miraculously run in Windows 10). Even examining their style, anyone can assert they predate this millennium. With their coarse contours and somewhat eroded colors, they’re kind of too distant from today’s standards. But that’s what a style does: describes something and categorizes it within a time frame, to distinguish it from what came before and what followed.

These considerations took me to a particular word in my lexicon: quaint. Comprising meanings that convey both “old-fashioned”, “peculiar” or “attractively unusual”, this adjective is quite appropriate for my pictures: passé by my own acceptance and odd by fractals’ very nature. So this site has become Quaint Dimensions as of today. I may have found a proper name after all…

Picture above done with Tiera-Zon.