Back on (the right) track

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Tantan 2

After some intensive work to restore the old software section as contemporary times demand, it finally feels the website is back on (the right) track. Very little of old fractovia hasn’t made it back: for instance, the fractal screen savers section has been obliterated since I’ve stopped using such “niceties” at the turn of the century… yep a long while ago. The galleries still need to be filled with proper images, but as I keep posting new ones regularly, they will soon be enough. That’s actually the easiest part of revitalizing a once dying website; that’s why it doesn’t worry me much because it only takes a few minutes to re-render the old denizens and make them fit the recent changes in presentation and a couple more to upload. For the record, the old writings are back making some sense, the links in the Fractal.nfo are pointing to existing content, and the fractal software section, now renamed Fractalware, has been sorted out according to what works nowadays. Thus, information is reliable once again.

Updating the software directory has also allowed me to try out some post-2006 fractal generator releases I’ve never played with before. With that I’m on the road to revisit the forgotten Mandelbrot features that I used to know. And that’s a must: in order to find the hidden treasures to portrait in detail, the explorer needs certain clues to guide the ragged journey. The picture I’m posting today, for example, may not be a striking sight to behold, but have been rendered with one of those new generators I’m experimenting with right now. And that’s been a lot of fun for sure. Saturn & Titan, the pair of apps is called.