Who has created all these fractal pictures?

It’s been me.

Where did you learn to create them?

There isn’t a special place where you go to learn to create fractal pictures (nor a when or how either). I learnt it by downloading a fractal generator, and playing with it, selecting options at random until I had an idea of what each feature was responsible of. The first generator I tried was Iterations, by Stephen C. Ferguson. From then on, I’ve kept learning every day by trying new things as well as different software. It’s kind of addictive sometimes. As of now, the fractal generator I still use the most is Tiera-Zon (also from Ferguson).

Any source of inspiration?

In terms of inspiration… well, I don’t know. Mostly, it’s what my mind visualizes while I change parameters and colors. Sometimes, it’s influenced by the music I might be listening to while working on the picture. It’s too many things to point out (and I think I’m not even conscious of half of them).

What programs do you use to make your fractals?

I’ve tried a lot of fractal generators, but I only use a handful of them. My all time favorite is Tiera-Zon, but I also like Fractal Explorer, Fractal Forge, and Sterling-ware a lot.

This site is very graphics-intensive. Do you use PhotoShop for anything?

Actually, no. PS is too expensive for my budget, and if I ever get that much money to spare on such a thing, I would surely prefer to invest it in something else. It’s a great application —possibly the best of its kind, as I have heard—, but I’m not a millionaire. By the way, any donation will be generously accepted. I do all my non-fractal graphic work in  The GIMP these days, or PhotoScape. They are pretty good and significantly cheaper (both are freeware).

Where do I must go to learn how to make fractal pictures?

Just go home (if you’re not there already), connect to the Internet (if you’re reading this, you must be online already too), do a search for “fractal generators” or visit a downloading site, and pick up any proggy you find out. Start playing with it, and see what happens. Then keep playing with the menu options and the like. You’ll see it’s something easy to pick up.

And what do I need?

Certainly a computer, obviously a fractal generator, patience, time, and more patience. Extra artistic abilities, creativity and a special love for abstract representations should be of help too.

Why did you stop making your fractals at higher resolution/larger size?

I haven’t stop doing high resolution pictures. I just thought the 640×480 resolution is enough for online display, or even 800×600. I think right now I’m going even higher.

Can I use your fractals in my site/program?

What kind of site/program do you have? It depends on your/its purpose. So please, I won’t mind of you ask me first. DON’T publish them anywhere without asking first (Hello!, let’s be down-to-earth: at least let me know that you plan to use it. I know most of you use it first, and later —if by chance— ask for permission).

So far, there are several web sites using some of my images for decorative or display purposes. Once there was even an online drawing tool named after one of my pictures (Phoebia from Vovoid Software & Multimedia), but I don’t think it’s in development or available anymore.

I have a wallpaper site. Can I add your fractals to the collection?

It depends on your and your site’s purpose, but I will probably say no, sorry. Do you offer your wallpapers for free? That will be on your favor. Anyway, wouldn’t it be better if you direct your visitors to my own site? Most of my fractal pictures aren’t suitable to be used as wallpaper. They’re frequently too detailed or shockingly colored, and that can cause eye strain.

Can I link you?

Just answer the following question: Do you think it’s worth it? If your answer is YES, go ahead. Otherwise… yes.

Would you link me?

Again, is it worth it? Is your site good enough? Send me your url. I will visit it and see what’s in there. If I like it, or if there’s something worth sharing with the rest of the world (tutorials, tips and techniques, free software, news, interesting discussions, an interesting design, etc.), I’ll probably do.