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About the site

I’m still looking for a proper name for this website, but for the time being, let’s call it Quaint Symmetries. For a little bit of history, here’s a summary: This site was formerly known as third apex to fractovia, or Fractovia for short. The original blog started as a two-page website under the name of Fractal Division back in the summer of 1998. Over the following years, it grew up to contain over 600 pages, most of which were actually adorned with pictures depicting fractal representations. The site also ran through various servers, until it landed in its own domain name in March 2001.

Due to a series of circumstances briefly explained in this new era’s first post, I’m no longer the “rightful” owner of the TLDs. That’s the only reason why I’m looking for another name. So please use fractals.marguz.net for the time being to link back (if need be).

About the author

The creator of this site and author of all its content is a historian, linguist and editor living in some part of the real world where it rains and the sun shines from time to time. Aside from fractals, he is an amateur astronomer, avid reader, online gamer and day dreamer.


Even though I don’t think any of this site’s content is capable of causing any problems whatsoever, to anyone or to anything, I must say I take no responsibility for adverse effects resulted from the use (or misuse) of this website or any of its content, nor do I take responsibility for the content of any external link, or visitors’ comments left occasionally.

How to contact…

If anyone wants to contact me (be it regarding the web site, the fractal pictures, the articles or other related matters) send me a message. Please, specify WEB SITE, ARTICLE or whatever you wish to ask in the subject line (no need for caps, I only used them for emphasis).


My greatest thanks to Phil Thompson, Stephen C. Ferguson, Mark Townsend, Uberto Barbini, Peter Pawlowski, Junichi Sato, Martin Pfingstl and Paolo Guagliumi. Special thanks to Terence Sattar, Thomas Hövel, Jan Hubicka, Ben Michell, Phil Robinson, and Don Neufeld. Additional thanks to Terry W. Gintz, Arthur Sirotinsky, Olga Fedorenko, Mikko Pöyhönen, Paul W. Carlson, F. Slijkerman, Lars Kindermann, Gustavo Díaz-Jerez, and Bjoern Ischo, and to all the people who have sent in comments, critics and suggestions about my work over the years. Last time I checked (2007), old fractovia had received visits from 161 countries around the world.