To generate a fractal image is to put a face on complexity. Those richly-detailed pictures of swirling spirals or intricate patterns that go ad infinitum –the themes dominating most fractal renderings– always thrill both creators and onlookers. Whether they think of themselves as artists or not, fractal drafts(wo)men –almost– always go for the thrill and the complex. Simplicity is most likely discarded because its statement is usually not so pompous or eerie, but calm and serene, sometimes even emptying. Plus it’s hard to figure a…Continue Reading “Simplicity”

Artist… fractal artist

In the 21st century, in the age of self-publishing and the immediacy of information spread, being an artist is –or so it seems to me– more a matter of attitude, self-esteem and passion for public projection or self-promotion (or should I say personal marketing?), rather than a natural or trained disposition to excel in producing artifacts that may be regarded as appealing to both maker and public (in that order). It also seems to be a distinction, for the most part, bestowed upon oneself, rather…Continue Reading “Artist… fractal artist”