All content on this website is copyright ©1998-2007, 2017 Juan-Luis Martínez, except when noted. I have placed these fractal pictures and music (both MIDI and MP3) files online because I like anyone to enjoy them, not because I wanted to give them away. Art needs to be shown, but the author’s rights need to be respected. It is that simple.

You can use the pictures for personal, non-commercial, offline use only. You can also give them to friends under the same conditions. MP3 files can be burned to CDs or copied on any MP3 storing/player device strictly for non-commercial use. You can also distribute them to friends (under the same conditions) or on any file sharing network or service, as long as the said service is open to anyone, free of charge and non-commercial in nature. Yet, they should not be publicly broadcasted (if they are worth it—which I doubt anyway) without my consent.

If you plan to use anything for other purposes, especially any way that could be considered commercial use, please contact me first. I reserve the right to refuse any request for any reason.

If you are interested in showing one or more fractal pictures or fractal music files online (be it on a web site, posting them to any usenet newsgroup or online service of any kind, etc.), I would like to know beforehand. Again, I reserve the right to refuse any request for any reason. If and only if permission is granted for online activities…

  • Make a copy of the picture or music file you are interested in and place it in your own server.
  • Do not link directly to my server because, besides being bandwidth robbery, you can also lose the link since this site is updated frequently.
  • Make sure the copyright notice is visible and legible on the picture. If not, put it somewhere back into the picture or near to where it will be shown.
  • I will also suggest you to put a link back to this web site, or at least a small note with credits.

Distribution of MP3 files is allowed as expressed in the fourth paragraph above. These files contain ID3 tags with information about copyright and authorship. Make sure such information remains embeded within the file before distributing.

Do not alter the fractal pictures or music files (both MIDI and MP3) in any way.

  • Regarding fractal pictures: When I post one of them to my web site or anywhere else, it means it has attained a desired image-idea, and any modification (except for resizing) will surely destroy the original artwork. If resizing is done, please, make sure the copyright notice is still visible and legible. If not, put it somewhere back into the picture or near to where it will be shown.
  • Regarding music files: MP3 files are available in 128- and 64kbps compression ratios. You can change 128kbps files to another lower compression ratio if need be (in any case, if you need a lower compression file, download the 64kbps file instead).

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