This short list makes no true justice to fractal art. This is but a small collection of some of the most popular galleries on the Net. Only site showing signs of life and activity (thus, frequently updated) or those with truly outstanding content are listed. If you think there are other sites that should be included, drop me a line, and I’ll check them.

Fractal galleries

Fractal music

The incursion of fractals into the art world is not limited to the visual dimension. Another major contribution of fractals to art is through the sound waves. The same recursive principles applied to fractal imaging can be applied to music to create what is usually called fractal music.

Other services

Fractal pictures and then some in different web services

Web rings

Web rings were one of the fastest ways to surf the web by binding together pages with similar topics. Fractals used to have some web rings of their own.. Some of them are still active, though no longer updated.