The following information may not be working or in use anymore, since it includes technologies not preferred anymore.

Usenet newsgroups

Newsgroups dealing with fractal images and related information. Their availability will depend on the usenet groups available on your server. (Many ISP have dropped usenet access altogether –including mine– and I never looked for an alternative to access this resource, so I don’t know their current status).

Mailing lists

There are several mailing list to which anyone can subscribe to. Some of these lists are probably or almost dead, or receive —extremely— few posts, since now it seems people prefer other forms of communication. Some additional programs not included in here maintain their own lists too, so don’t forget to check their home pages from time to time.

  • FRACTAL-ART, The Fractal Art Discussion List
    This mailing list is centered in the discussion of all aspects of fractals as art, including artists, software, galleries, museum curators, art marketers and brokers, printers, art collectors, etc.
    subscribe: send email to Leave the subject line blank and put subscribe fractal-art in the body of the message.
  • FRACTINT, The Fractals and Fractint Discussion List
    This mailing list is for the discussion of fractals, fractal art, fractal algorithms, fractal software, and fractal programming, specifically related to the Stone Soup Group’s Fractint generator.
    subscribe: send email to Leave the subject line blank and put subscribe fractint in the body of the message.
  • PHILOFRACTAL, The Fractal Philosophy Discussion List
    This mailing list is for the discussion of fractal philosophy, including science and religion, and the way they relate to fractals.
    subscribe: send email to Leave the subject line blank and put subscribe philofractal in the body of the message
  • ULTRA FRACTAL, The Ultra Fractal Discussion List
    This mailing list is open to all interested in F. J. Slijkerman’s “Ultra Fractal” program.
    subscribe: send email to
  • APOPHYSIS, The Apophysis Discussion List
    This mailing list is recommended for all users of Mark Townsend’s Apophysis generator. Continuous discussion about bug report and fixes, suggestion from users and general comments.
    subscribe: send email to

Discussion groups

The following online fractal-related discussion groups are but a selection of the most active ones (at list in the past). As with mailing lists as newsgroups, discussion groups of this sort may be out of use as well (especially those associated with Yahoo Groups).

    “The purpose of this group is to provide a forum to share ideas and imagery relating to the world of fractals. All forms of fractals and fractal applications are welcomed.” To subscribe: click here.
  • Apophysis Fractals
    “This group is for users and admirers of the best fractal generating program out there… Apophysis. This is a great place to share your scripts, suggestions, flame files, gradients, images, links, and enthusiasm witn other like-minded fractal artists.” To subscribe: click here.
  • xENOdREAMs · XenoDream users
    “A forum for technical support and discussion of XenoDream 3D IFS fractal graphics software.” To subscribe: click here.
    fractals · Fractal images and information
    “A club for sharing information on fractals (no matter how complex). Feel free to load your favourite fractal images in the photo albums.” To subscribe: click here.
  • FEUsers · Fractal Explorer Users
    “This group is specifically for those using the Fractal Explorer program. It is a place to share fractal images, both raw as well as post-processed with other graphic programs. It is hoped that members will also share their FE “spot files” with other members. NOTE: spot files should be sent as a ZIP file only! Discussions, questions, tips, and tricks about fractals, Fractal Explorer and printing fractals are encouraged.”To subscribe: click here.
  • chaospro · Discussion about ChaosPro
    “This list is for users of ChaosPro. You can ask for help, post new formulas or parameter files, suggest new features, discuss with others (including the author) about ChaosPro.” To subscribe: click here.
  • cnfractal_music · CNFractal Music Forum
    “The CNFractal Music Forum addresses issues concerning this new Art Form, where we are, where we are going,advice on using the software tools to produce it. […] We also discuss other forms of Algorithmic Music and issues related to the production of Computer Music.”To subscribe: click here.
  • fractalvision · Fractal art, geometry, links, and updates
    “Fractals as art? Yes fractal generation is an art form, and this list is for fractal artists to gain exposure and share their work and ideas with others. Many topics are focused upon, use of fractal generators, formulation, and post-processing.” To subscribe: click here.