There is a great variety of fractal generating software to choose from, ranging from very simple to very complex. Among the most commonly used fractal generators are:

For Windows

  • Fractal Explorer (freeware)
    authors: Arthur Sirotinsky and Olga Fedorenko
    This fractal generator is no longer under development, but it still have a loyal following. To download, use Softpedia, and for more information visit its DeviantArt group.
  • Tiera-Zon/Sterling-ware/Ktaza (requires paid access to download area)
    author: Stephen C. Ferguson
    Though this software collection is basically freeware, you have to pay a fee of US$35 to access the now restricted (members only) download area to get the most recent versions of the 13 or so packages. Older versions of a few programs are still freely available from the same website (hint: see the Imageware directory in this same website).
  • Apophysis (freeware)
    author: Mark Townsend
  • ChaosPro (freeware)
    author: Martin Pfingstl
  • Into the Mystic (freeware)
    author: Terry W. Gintz
    Old versions of some of Gintz generators may be available in several software collections, but no longer in the official site as of July 2017.
  • Incendia (donationware)
    author: Ramiro Pérez
  • Ultra Fractal (shareware)
    author: Frederik J. Slijkerman
  • Fractal Science Kit (shareware)
    author: Ross Hilbert
  • Ultimate Fractals (shareware)
    author: Fotoview

For Mac

For various systems

  • Apophysis 7x (freeware)
    authors: Mark Townsend, Ronald Hordijk, Peter Sdobnov, Piotr Borys & Georg Kiehne
  • Mandelbulber (freeware)
    author: Krzysztov Marczak
  • J Wildfire (freeware)
    author: Andreas Maschke
  • FractInt (freeware)
    author: The Stone Soup Group
  • GNU XaoS (freeware)
    author: Jan Hubicka
  • Chaotica (shareware)
    author: Thomas Ludwig, Glare Technologies Ltd.
  • Fragmentarium (freeware)
    author: Mikael Hvidtfeldt Christensen

For Android

Fractal Music software

Online generators

The following links will open the generator window directly:

Fractal software collections

For additional fractal generating software other than the ones listed above, visit the following software-related sites for more information.