Some people have prepared tutorials to help beginners learn and work with the basic features and capabilities of the commonly used fractal generators. Below is a section with tutorial about other topics related to fractals and art.

Note: Some people are making video tutorials for most of these programs, and have been posting them to Youtube and other similar media sites. I’m not listing those in this guide as of right now (I’ll have to watch them first, and that takes more time than scan-reading, besides I still prefer to read). but those are sources you should search. Also, some others have posted information –tutorials and resources– to facebook, but since I’m not a fan of that service, and thus have no access to them, I won’t include them here, but know that if you have a facebook account, you can check for those groups as well.

Fractal Explorer

Apohpysis 2

Apophysis 7x





Ultra Fractal

Xeno Dreams

Fractal Domains


Fractal Science Kit

J Wildfire


Mandelbulb 3D & Mandelbulber


Aural (fractal music generator)



Those of you already working with fractal images, here are various documents that could help you learn about several graphics procedures and technical considerations (if you don’t know them already).