Apophysis 2.09Apophysis ~ v2.09
OS: Win
author: Mark Townsend
url: http://www.apophysis.org
Apophysis is a program used to design flame and IFS fractals. While originally created as a utility to be used with Ultra Fractal (UF), it spun off, and became a stand-alone program in a class of its own. It’s also one of the most popular fractal generators around. It can export images in several different formats or export parameters as UPR file to render in UF. The author recommends downloaders should sign the Mailing List to keep up-to-date with bug fixes and new releases.
Latest version in SourceForge: https://sourceforge.net/projects/apophysis/
Last revision: 26 April 2013. – jrs + jlm

Apophysis 7xApophysis 7x
OS: Win
author: Mark Townsend, Ronald Hordijk, Peter Sdobnov, Piotr Borys & Georg Kiehne
url: https://sourceforge.net
Apophysis 7x is the 64-bit brother of old (and still good) Apophysis by Mark Townsend. As such, it can do everything the old version was capable of and then some. Yet, I find it somewhat slower than the classic version –and it will get slower if you zoom in –as happened with the old one too. The program starts with a random batch of images (it’s a different set each time) that you can transform at will or begin from scratch; it’s up to you. Once a picture is done, you can render it within the program and save it in various image formats, or export the parameters as UPR file to render in Ultra Fractal, especially for larger-size outputs.
Last revision: 18 October 2014.

AtriatixAtriatix ~ v0.010
OS: Win
author: Stephen C. Ferguson
url: http://tierazon.com
Atriatix plots interesting fractals from the Gumowski/Mira particle simulation formula. The resulting image represents the particles’ trajectories. Source code available.
Last revision: 7 May 2000.

chaoscopeChaoscope ~ v0.3.1
OS: Win & Linux
author: Nicolas Desprez
url: http://www.chaoscope.org
Chaoscope is a ‘3D Strange Attractor rendering’ program, currently in beta stage. In addition to 9 attractor types, it also has 5 different render types, which users can combine to create some extremely interesting fractals. While only in beta, it has a fairly extensive online manual (which means that images can be created fairly quickly). This new release adds some extra equations and bug fixes. Requires OpenGL. jrs + jlm
Last revision: 27 May 2006.

chaosproChaosPro ~ v4.0.21
OS: Win
author: Martin Pfingstl
url: http://www.chaospro.de
Chaos Pro features multiple windows and multi threading (calculates multiple fractals at the same time). Can create 3D views and animations. Compatible with Fractint (including most of its formulas) and Ultra Fractal parameters, transformations, palettes and formula files. Also supports alpha channels. A most-have to those interested in Ultra Fractal, but looking for something less expensive (freeware). It will also run on any Win32-compatible operating system.
Last revision: 21 November 2011

Cold_IFSCold_IFS ~ v0.002
OS: Win9x/Me/NT ~ 482 Kb
author: Stephen C. Ferguson
url: http://tierazon.com
Cold_IFS plots orbit trajectories using an IFS based formula. The images it produces are usually associated with flame fractals in other fractal generating programs. Pictures can be saved in several different formats, but parameters cannot be saved in any way. Ferguson stopped working on this application (this was the second and final preview), but incorporated most of its functions in Atriatix. The Draw button works as a random image generator.
Last revision: 19 July 1999.

Double FractalDouble Fractal ~ v2.9
OS: Win
author: Joao Paulo Schwarz Schuler
url: http://www.schulers.com
Double Fractal has grown up since its previous version. This is a greatly improved one, with more controls and access to the main parameters and coloring palettes. Also new fractal formulas. Good for simple explorations; includes new documentation. Can save pictures to BMP files and export to POV-Ray.
Last revision: after 2001.


emberjEmberj ~ v0.005 ~ JAVA
author: Stephen C. Ferguson
url: http://tierazon.com
Emberj is a cross-platform fractal generator that can draw mainly Mandelbrot set and Lyapunov images. Compared to other Ferguson applications, this one is simple because it doesn’t include the full-range of options all of his other projects have, but it’s as fast as any of them, and works the same way (for those who are familiar with his software). Although it doesn’t save the parameters, images can be saved as PPM files. Will work in any system that has the Java Development Kit (JDK) installed. Open source.
Last revision: 31 January 2000.