Flarium24Flarium24 ~ v8.9
OS: Win
author: Stephen C. Ferguson
url: http://tierazon.com
Flarium24 draws fractal images using some 160 equations and 60 filters in three different methods: M-Set, N-Set, and F-Set, and as other Ferguson’s programs, it also lets you input your own formulas. Can also draw strange attractors. Source code available.
Last revision: 9 March 1998.

FractHuntFracHunt ~ v1.15
OS: Win9x/Me/NT/Linux
author: Ron AF Greve
url: http://informationsuperhighway.eu
FracHunt generator can draw Mandelbrot, Julia, Newton Rapson, and a few other fractals. Images can be saved as BMP or TGA files. Comes with a very useful Help file covering program operation and a whole section on complex numbers. Runs in Linux using WINE (download the tar file from the homepage). Careware.
Last revision: October 2004.

Fract-o-RamaFract-o-Rama ~ v1.7.1
author: John F. Dumas
url: http://fractorama.com/
Fract-o-Rama is an application for power fractalists or for those who have some mathematical background about fractals because this is a tool to generate any kind of fractal figure users can imagine. You have to literally write down the formula directly before going any further. In that sense, it’s very flexible. Source code and documentation available.
Last revision: 12 December 2007.


Fractal ExplorerFractal Explorer ~ v2.02
OS: Win
author: Arthur Sirotinsky and Olga Fedorenko
url: Softpedia http://www.softpedia.com
Fractal Explorer is an excellent generator that can render 2D and 3D images and animations of various fractal types, including Mandelbrot, Julia, Newton, IFS, landscapes, 3D strange attractors, and quaternions. Three-dimensional renderings use OpenGL technology. Sterling-ware and POV-Ray support, batch rendering, AVI animations, and more. The home page of this generator is no longer available and the developers stopped working on it since last revision, so expect no more updates in the future.
Last revision: 27 July 2004.

Fractal Forge

Fractal Forge ~ v2.8.2
OS: Win
author: Uberto Barbini
url: https://sourceforge.net
Formerly known as True Mandel, Fractal Forge is an excellent Mandelbrot and Julia set exploration tool that stand out for its fast calculations, even of deep zooming shots. This version improves the amination tool.
Old home page: http://uberto.marguz.net
Last revision: 25 August 2002.

Fractal MagicFractal Magic ~ v1.01
OS: Win
author: James Crisp
url: http://www.crispdesign.net/fm/
Fractal Magic will draw Mandelbrot and Julia set fractals. It cannot save images (instead, it will save parameter files), but can print directly or copy the pictures to the clipboard for pasting into other applications. Considerably fast, but simple.
Last revision: 11 July 1998.

Fractal Therapeutic ProjectFractal Therapeutic Project ~ v0.4
OS: Win
author: Stephen C. Ferguson, Joseph Trotsky, and Petrus van Pelt
url: http://www.wack.ch
FTP has tried to hide all the scary things about fractal creation behind a very user-friendly interface. Because it’s also intended to be used as a therapeutic tool, it only comes with a minimal set of formulas and filters. Yet, beneath it lies the same power as all other Ferguson’s software: with brilliant color algorithms and tools. Beyond its medical finality, it’s also a good fractal generator for beginners and children because it’s extremely easy to use. As such, it has surpassed its initial goal.
Last revision: February 2001.

FractonFracton ~ v2.0.2
author: Michael Frazier
url: http://www.fracton.org
Fracton is a very nice freeware generator for MacOS that lets you design your own fractal formulas, but it can also import FractInt formulas, parameters and colors, in case you come from the FractInt camp or are willing to try the thousand of FractInt-related files out there. I actually  like the coloring window (not shown) since it lets you edit the color palette in a very easy and intuitive way, somewhat similar to that of GF4 and PowerFrac, which I also like a lot. It can also export some 3D parameters to be used in 3D rendering programs. Deep zooming anyone? Yep, Fracton can to that too. The included documentation is pretty good, and it’s in PDF format.
Last revision: 9 February 2016.

fractsurfFractSurf ~ v2.0.1
OS: Win98/Me/XP
author: Julian Bischof
url: http://www.fractsurf.de
FractSurf can generate seven different types of fractal images, including mandelbrot, julia, dragon and quaternion. It also has the ability to work with layers, and save parameters as bookmarks. It also comes with a screensaver mode, so it can keep generating new images while your computer is idle.
Last revision: 27 November 2001.