The following generators may be found in some software repositories, but not in their (ex)official websites anymore. With all probability, their authors decided to stop working on them and no longer offer support, so I wouldn’t recommend to try them.

Aros FractalsAros Fractals ~ v1.0
OS: Win & MacOS 9
author: Aros Magic Research
This is a simple and quick fractal generator that can draw Mandelbrot Set, Julia Set, Newton Method and Plasma Cloud fractals (which are excellent for background images). Supports multi-threaded operations. Images can be of 8-bit, 16-bit or 24-bit color, and saved as bitmap files. The exe can’t be downloaded from its official website anymore, so probably it’s no longer compatible with modern computers. It used to have a nice interface.
Last revision: 27 February 1998.

BrazilBrazil ~ v0.4 beta
OS: Win9x/Me/NT
author: David Chardonnet
Brazil can be used to design, draw and morph fractal objects. It comes with three design utilities (DESIGN, TRUE and MORPH), each for one of the previously mentioned tasks.
Note: The site and the software are no longer available. The homepage given above is actually an archive for old Geocities sites.
Last revision: (?) 1998.

Fractal OrbitsFractal Orbits ~ v2.01 beta
OS: Win9x/Me
author: Phil Pickard
url: n/a
Fractal Orbits can draw Mandelbrot and Julia sets fractals in normal, spherical and inverse modes limited to 256 colors. Images are saved in BMP or GIF formats; the last one will store the parameter values as FractInt does. This application is intended to be run on Windows 95 but does not support long file names. It no longer has a home page, but can be downloaded from the Spanky Fractal Database archive. Public Domain.
Last revision: 14 December 1996.

infiINFI ~ v1.0
OS: Win
author: Mykko Pöyhönen
url: n/a
INFI incorporates many of FractInt’s capabilities into Windows (any version): it can use FractInt maps and its images are saved in compatible gif format. Parameters can also be saved as bookmarks. It still runs on Windows 10, but its website is no longer available.
Last revision: 1997.

Inwards to ChaosInwards to Chaos ~ v1.0
OS: Win9x/NT
author: Zandor
url: n/a
Inwards to Chaos can draw fractals and other complex (mathematical) systems, but it is more an exploration tool than a picture generator. Actually, it comes with two applications. The main one is Inwards to Chaos. You can define many mathematical parameters including region limits, complex parameters, radius, number of iterations, color palettes, transformations, etc. You can save your images or automatically use them as wallpaper. It is a little bit confusing at the beginning, and evidently still have some minor bugs that can cause it to close unexpectedly. The second module is IFS to Chaos. It is quite more manageable and stable, and is an excellent tool to explore iterated function systems (IFS) and attractors in a very simple and illustrating way.
Last revision: 17 March 2006.

Jans MandelJans Mandel ~ v1.0
OS: Win9x/NT
author: Jan Verhoeven
url: n/a
Mandel is another simple Mandelbrot set explorer that promises unlimited zooming, but with only a few options and color palettes. Images can be saved as BMP or GIF files.
Last revision: 25 September 1999.

Kaos RheiKaos Rhei ~ v0.9
OS: Win9x/Me/NT
author: Bjoern Ischo
url: n/a
Kaos Rhei can generate more than 12 different fractal types, including M-Set, N-Set and M/N combination. It also gives you full control over coloring of your fractal images through algorithms. It’s no longer available from the developer’s website, but can be found in several software collections out there.
Last revision: 12 December 1997.