auralAural ~ v1.1
OS: Win
author: Ramiro Pérez Claire Nash (aexion)
From the maker of Incendia, Aural is the only fractal music generator I know that runs on Windows 10. The program start with a random tune generated by fractal algorithms. From there, you can modify by changing parameters and the instruments available for each of the four channels. You can also try different notes, loop length, etc. It export files in MIDI format that you can later convert to MP3 files (with the correct third party conversion software not provided by the developer). It reminds me of old Gingerbread.
Last revision: 28 November 2014.


Unfortunately, none of the programs I used to know run on Windows 10. For old programs that still run on earlier Windows versions, visit the Legacy page. For more on fractal music and fractal music generators, visit Phil Jackson’s Fractal Vibes website.