Software in this category are no longer available (at least I couldn’t find them) or don’t run on Windows 10. If you have a computer running an older Windows flavor (pre-Windows 7), you may be able to use them… granted that you find them first.



quaterniaQuaternia ~ v1.0
OS: Win
author: Stephen C. Ferguson
Quaternia is a small program to generate quaternion fractals. It is based on Frode Gill’s Quaternion Generator (see below). Images can only be save as BMP files. The 238 kb zipped archive includes the source code. It is no longer available from Ferguson’s site, so most probably it was incorporated into a later program.
Last revision: 10 June 2001.

Quaternion GeneratorQuaternion Generator ~ v1.2
OS: Win3.1/9x/Me
author: Frode Gill
url: n/a
This program will generate Quaternion-Julia fractals. Images cannot be save (although you can save the quaternion values), but you can copy them to the clipboard and paste them into any graphics editor. The help file includes a short explanation on this kind of fractal. Very slow.
Last revision: 15 February 1997.

Quaternion Julia NavigatorQuaternion Julia Navigator ~ v0.91
OS: Win9x/Me/NT
author: PFF Software
url: n/a
This program will calculate 3d slices of 4d quaternion Julia fractals. Needs a 16-bit or better display to operate. Very easy to use. Image size is limited to 400×400 resolution.
Last revision: 15 March 1998.

salomoSalomo ~ v2.0
OS: Win9x/Me
author: Niko Wilbert
url: n/a
Salomo is a simple tool to explore fractals of the Mandelbrot and Julia sets. It’s pretty intuitive to use, since a window will pop-up whenever you have to make any input. Basic parameters and coloring can be modified with ease. Very nice.
Last revision: (?)

Set SurferSet Surfer ~ v1.0
OS: Win9x/Me
author: Jason Letbetter
url: n/a
Set Surfer is a small fractal generator that can calculate Mandelbrot and Julia sets fractals. Its interface is pretty simple, and will look familiar to users of Tiera-Zon or InkBlot Kaos, in terms of presentation, although the image’s appearance or style will be different.
Last revision: 1997.

Spectral Strange Attractor Chaos EngineSpectral Strange Attractor Chaos Engine
OS: Win9x/Me/NT
author: Steve Giannoni
url: n/a
This one will plot rainbow-colorful spectral strange attractors. It is supposed to save images, but I haven’t been able to do so. As a bonus it comes with a screen saver that also plots attractors on your screen.
Last revision: December 1998.

The Talis Project ~ v3.6
author: Stephen C. Ferguson
This is a simple fractal generating program for DOS, but can be use in other MS Windows up to Vista with no problem (it won’t run in more recent versions, and certainly not in Windows 10). It also works very similar to other Ferguson’s generators. I used to like it very much.
Last revision: 16 November 1997.

Truemand Truemand ~ v3.5
OS: Win3.1/Win9x/NT/Me/2000
author: Ron Barnett
Truemand is an excellent Windows attempt at reproducing Fractint’s functionality, but with true color results. Can work with 256 colors displays. Excellent documentation. Very slow (as FractInt). No longer available.
Last revision: 3 January 1999.

Ultimate FractalsUltimate Fractals ~ v1.3
OS: Win9x/Me/NT
author: Terence Sattar
url: n/a
This is a nice, simple and small (though powerful) fractal generator that can do some very nice works. It’s pretty fast, compared to other generators. The only drawback is that you can’t work freely with color palettes, yet it can do more than some others in this respect. Images can be saved as parameter files (to reuse later) or BMP files.
Last revision: 14 March 2000.

Vchira Vchira ~ v0.5
OS: Win
author: Stephen C. Ferguson
Another great fractal generator from Stephen Ferguson’s genius, Vchira was (and possibly still is) the first freeware fractal generator (as far as I know) to introduce layers and alpha channels. And it is as good as all of the other software in Ferguson’s outstanding collection. Source code available. Note: it seems Ferguson retired this program some time ago and is no longer available on his website.
Last revision: 11 August 2002.

winmandWinMand ~ v18.2
OS: Win9x/Me/NT/XP
author: Robert Banting
WinMand is another simple program designed to explore the Mandelbrot set, and nothing more. It’s very simple, using only the left and right mouse buttons to select an area and zoom in as you wish. It used to be available through Soler’s web site, but not anymore.
Last revision: 27 July 2000.

Outdated programs formerly listed in this page:

  • Anty World Simulation (Adrian W. Akison)
  • Chaos Simulation (George Costa)
  • Flight From Fractals
  • Fract32 (Norman Tackett)
  • Fractal Builder (Symone Avogadro)
  • Fractals (Aleksey Kravchenko & Dmitriy Mekhontsev).
  • Fractor (Marco Mirschel)
  • Fractrue (Bernd Hemmerling)
  • Iterated Function System (Fausto Arinos de Almeida Barbuto)
  • Kamtorus (Fausto Arinos de Almeida Barbuto)
  • Knappsoft Fractal Generator Kit (Clint Knapp, Knappsoft Development)
  • Lindenmayer System Editor (John Martin Carroll, LSystem Development)
  • Mandelbrot Program (Lars Rosenbergs)
  • Mandelscape (Bob Allanson)
  • Mountain Terrain (A.C. Barentyne, Paradigms Lost)
  • Shurka’s Fractal Project
  • Sierpinski Curves
  • Windows Mandelbrot Set Generator (George A. Graham Jr.)