The following programs are extras to complement your fractal generators.


Automatic Fractal Map GeneratorAutomatic Fractal Map Generator ~ v1.4
OS: Win
author: Paolo Guagliumi
Excellent utility to generate color maps for Fractint, Winfract, Fractal Forge, Apophysis and other fractal generators that can import and use FractInt color map files. It can accelerate the coloring of fractal pictures significantly, especially if the color parameters or palettes of your fractal generator are somewhat constraint or difficult to work with. I haven’t tried it on Windows 10.
Last revision: 1999.

Cosmic Recursive Fractal Flames ~ v1.13
OS: Crossplatform
author: Scott Draves
Flame, as this small application is called, is a command line utility that can be used to render Apophysis fractal flame pictures and animations at larger size/resolutions. It can also be used on Apophysis 7X, J Wildfire, and a few other similar generators.
Last revision: 28 March 2004.

Outdated programs formerly listed in this page:

  • FracXtra (Dan Goldwater)
  • Makemap (Ron E. Barnett)