End of a Spiral

Let this be a record of this website’s early history, from 1999 to 2007. The only year missing is 1998: seven months of a gestation period that probably went with no notes. I even searched old backups of my working computer during those first fractal times, and they have nothing. Maybe I never wrote a single word back then, only posting images and spending the rest of the time working on the page design. The first entry for the year 1999 may have the explanation; it says:

The Fractal Division Slide Show has gone away, too. I have been running out of web space continuously, so I had to do some cleaning, and make room for new acquisitions. In its place is this What’s New? page you’re currently reading…

So yes, it seems there is no record of my doings prior to 20 February 1999. I was, with all intentions, saving all the server space I could for images and graphics content, that were more important to me than blog entries of my whereabouts. After all, my site wasn’t a blog back then, it was a gallery.

So here are the news of old fractovia as they came along. They are organized in descending order as they were originally posted. If you care to read them in chronological order, then you should begin reading from the bottom of the page up.

The rest of the story is still to come, as I have merely restarted the blog, now running on WordPress, as of this week, first of the year 2017. Regular posting will come (how regular I don’t know yet), and the News Archive will be handled by WP as it usually does.