Friday 10 November 2000

The new images and minor changes and additions were ready for uploading last week. Sorry for the delay. Anyway, you didn’t know I was planing this update. So here it is: two rooms in one, 30 new images in total.

Monday 04 Spetember 2000

A newborn is always a miracle, and I have a friend who already has experience three of them; the youngest one’s only a month old. The new gallery I open today, Nathanael’s Meadow, will honor this wondrous event. May the Faeries that dwell in this Meadow hallow his being. Blessings to Denise “Steel Curtain” Hamilton and her family.

Wednesday 09 August 2000

Two new aisles of Fractal Explorer images added to the Passageway.

Monday 03 July 2000

New color scheme (which is the most significant change this time), new graphical elements, new gallery, new images, new fractal generating software, new…

Friday 23 June 2000

I’ve been playing with color combinations and html code lately. Here are the results of those “experiments”, which don’t please me so much. If you think this place looks good, drop me a line.

Monday 29 May 2000

I moved all my stuff to one server ( There is no apparent change, but just ask me when I have to update this site! Of course, it’s quicker and simpler, and, of course, there’s a lot more room to fill with fractal images and then some.

To “celebrate” the “movement”, I have added three new galleries: the Tenth and final Aisle, containing images I did between 1998 and 1999 with Stephen C. Ferguson’s programs and Kaos Rhei, the PP ROOM, with post-processed images (mostly from Fractal ViZion), and a new gallery of colored ASCII fractals, thanks to the encouragement and kindness of Dr. Joseph Trotsky. He’s currently running a Spotlight at the Fractal Art Museum (FAME) with all the ASCII fractals (black & white as well as colored) I have produced so far. Don’t miss it because, besides the images, there is a short review by Dr. Trotsky himself and a brief explanation on ASCII fractal creation.

Fractal Forge’s unofficial web site has also been open under Third Apex to Fractovia, as I announced a month ago. This is one of my favorite fractal generators, and one of the fastest in the Fractalhood. Give it a try (it’s freeware): I’m sure you won’t regret it.

And, finally, thanks to the people at Integral for including Third Apex to Fractovia among their links, and rating it as “The most elegant and visually stunning website on Fractals we have seen to date.”: the best review this site has received so far, indeed. They’re also showing “Mandelcrown” in the Science section.

My gratitude to you all, and be welcome!

Juan Luis
2000.05.29 (“Moonday”)

Tuesday 18 April 2000

At last, something more to say besides “I have added some more images” and so on. Actually, this time, there are no new images or layout changes. In this occasion, I have added some extra functionality to the site, as is the case with the Hotbot and AltaVista sponsored search engines. Now you’ll be able to start your own search from within Third Apex to Fractovia. That’s not a big change, but I think that will help you find what you’re looking for faster than before.

The section The Nature of Fractals has been updated, and now you can download the article in Adobe Acrobat pdf format for off-line printing or reading on-screen. That’s also an extra benefit for those of you who have been using it as a basic reference on fractal geometry and for other visitors who wish to keep it handy.

I’ve also became a recent member of the Fractal Art Museum (FAME). Their monthly expositions are one of the best happenings in the fractal art community these days, and, in my opinion, are certainly more encouraging and rewarding than the annual Fractal Art contests (we don’t have to wait a whole year, nor be victims of the merry-go-round-like controversies about the voting rules). So I praise its curator for taking this great initiative, and I hope it goes on and on “forever”.

In other topics, Terry W. Gintz has given me authorization to create a mirror site from where visitors can download the most recent versions of his excellent collection of fractal generators. I’m currently working on Uberto Barbini’s Fractal Forge web site, so once I’m done with that one, I’ll start with Gintz “corner”. For the moment, Dofo-Zon, Fractal ViZion and Fractal Zplot (together with Barbini’s Fractal Forge) can be downloaded from here. Visit the Software section for additional details and links.

And finally, next weekend I’ll be taking some time to update the Third Apex to Fractovia mailing list, so those of you wishing to be informed every time this site changes or when new images and/or content are added, drop me a note.

Saturday 01 April 2000

It’s been a long time since the last update operation to this web site. Right now, I have added some new images for your enjoyment.

Saturday 08 January 2000

New Year, new things to come. A new section of fractal images rendered with Terry Gintz’s Fractal ViZion generator has been added to the Gallery, most of which were done in the last few days of 1999. Besides that, some of the old tunes at Fraktaephonia were replaced by a few new brief pieces, while the ASCII-HTML fractal gallery was also updated.

Whatever else is to be added to Third Apex to Fractovia will have to wait some time while I finish a different non-fractal project I’m currently working on. Just roam around, and enjoy or critic.