2001 last gallery. 2001-12-18

Today I uploaded the last fractal gallery for this year. All that is left is to hope for another very good year, more intense and full of creativity as this “running out” one. Don’t forget to vote to select the best fractal generator of the year (Fractal Poll, at left). It will close down next week.

Catching up with…. 10 December 2001.

Many changes, in the personal level this time. I also managed to update this web site with some additional classic images rendered with Fractal Forge. The new gallery is the second part of the Middle Earth series. Don’t miss the new CURRENT PICTURE way below.

Note. 16 November 2001.

News will resume on early December, but the site with keep updating as needed. New this week, CURRENT IMAGE below and a Discussion Groups subsection added to the Links section.

Staying home today. 06 November 2001.

I wasn’t feeling well today, so I stayed home. And even though my eyes were focusing at different points each (many strange things do happen when you’re sick), I managed to do some nice things for the web site. The most interesting one is the FRACTAL POLL added to this page (see it below left). From now on, Fractovia will be conducting polls about fractal art and other varied topics, so be sure to cast your vote before running away. Since all this is an experiment, inform me of any strange side effect you may notice (if any). Thanx! Also added some nice Java applets to the SOFTWARE section, for those of you who would like to try generating fractals online.

All new BBS. 31 October/01 November 2001.

First of all, let me announce that the Discussion Board, which used to be hosted by zboards.com public service, has gone independent. Now it’s fully integrated within Fractovia and free of all those annoying pop-ups ads. Just get in and join any of the suggested topics/discussions. I also added a new gallery to the PASSAGEWAY, packed with 14 new images. It’s the third part of the Aetherea series started last month. Likewise, the Spanish section is finally getting “somewhere”; there’s some basic content in there (and promising some more in the coming days). Lastly, take a look at the TUTORIALS section, and read a very brief “statement” about fractal “pictures” vs. fractal “images”.

New Picture. 25 October 2001.

There’s a new CURRENT PICTURE below. I also put a link back to the Discussion Board (below left), thus giving it a second chance. Please, visit it if you want to comment on something, from this web site’s appearance to art, theory or everyday life.

Several updates. 13 October 2001.

Additional screen shots added to some of the fractal picture and music generators listed in the SOFTWARE section, as well as minor adjustments everywhere. And don’t forget to see the new CURRENT PICTURE below.

New Gallery. 10 October 2001.

I’ve added a new gallery today, and changed some pictures in another one too (a minor update, really).

Mind-Boggling Fractals. 01 October 2001.

I added a brief review and links to Paul W. Carlson’s Mind-Boggling Fractals, a relatively recent (but not so recent, after all) SHAREWARE fractal generator with outstanding capabilities. I’m listing it here not only for that reason, but because there’s also a FREEWARE Lite version available out there that even though is limited, compared to the full version, can produce great results too. Find the information on how to get them, plus a screen shot of the freeware version, in the SOFTWARE section. And don’t forget to visit the CURRENT PICTURE section at the bottom of this page. It shows a new picture that was made with Stephen C. Ferguson’s The Talis Project.

Catching up. 26 September 2001.

Expect new images coming along more frequently in the days to come since I’ve begun to work with fractals once again. Actually, I lost several new ones last weekend due to a CD-RW failure.

The Mourning After. 12-13 September 2001.

Today’s update announcements were scheduled for yesterday, but as you already know, it wasn’t a good day at all. And because of that, I have a new CURRENT PICTURE below that reminds me of all the twisting, haunting and mind-boggling experiences we all have to face and to live through in our modern world, in our unexpected lives. It doesn’t matter if it’s spiraling up or crumbling down… This is The Mourning After. Then, the picture at right is but a thumbnail of one of the images in the new UNTITLED.01 gallery, which also opened this morning.

FAQ Updated. 10 September 2001.

The Fractal.nfo section (a.k.a. the LINKS section) has been updated. Some of the personal galleries listed under the GALLERIES subsection, page 3, disappeared from the web, and because of that, their urls were removed from the present version of the FAQ. Some pages that haven’t been updated for a long time were also removed (except for those that rightfully offer unique images, that earned their stay).

Next Week. 20 August 2001.

For next week, there will be a new gallery showing the pictures that were featured in the CURRENT PICTURE section (below) with some additional ones not previously published. That means Betis Metis Monochrome (now on display) is the last one of that series. For today, I added some additional screenshots in the SOFTWARE section.

Summer vacation is over. 13 August 2001.

Back to college again. It starts tomorrow. I’ll have to wait another year for another summer vacation. There hasn’t been a lot during this season anyway, but it’s so nice to have no worries!

Updates. 01 August 2001.

We have updated most of the information contained in this web site, especially the urls in the SOFTWARE section, so all fractal generators, screen savers and utilities are now showing their most current or new home page’s location. There have been some minor grammar bugs fixed, too (if they were ever noticed). Finally, we like to announce the updates of Chaos Pro, which is now in version 3.0, and GF4 (formerly known as GF3). Visit the SOFTWARE section to read more about their changes.

Not much lately. 22 July 2001.

The fractal activity has slowed down a little bit lately because I’ve been spending most of my time with photography. Besides that, I tuned up the computer, starting with a HD reformatting and a reinstallation of operating system and all the other applications. Yet, I have managed to keep working with some new images that will be published in the coming days. The first of those images will be found in the CURRENT IMAGE section at the end of this page. It was done with “ol-faithful” Ink Blot Kaos v2.8. I also updated the Spanish version of the article “The Nature of Fractals”.

A new favicon. 09 July 2001.

There hasn’t been a significant change this time, and there’s nothing to report either. I just took some time to design a new favicon, so instead of the old spiral most of you noticed before today (if ever you noticed it) has been replaced with the one at the left.

The return of the ASCII fractals. 02 July 2001.

The ASCII-HTML Fractal collection is back, together with a brief tutorial on how to make them. Access this gallery from the Galleries section, and the tutorial from the bottom of the ASCII gallery page or the Tutorials section.

Galleries are done, at last. 25 June 2001.

I have finally managed to upload the remaining galleries today; all of them are ready now. Some include new versions of previous pics. I still have to add a decent internal navigation option, so visitors could be able to browse them without having to return to the Passageway page to select a different one, but then, the images are there; enjoy them. I also uploaded the Fractal Music samples I once had as a regular feature. The truth is that for a year and a half, I never changed the tunes, nor replaced them with better samplings. Since some of you have been asking for music samples, here they are. Access can be found at the bottom of the Galleries section. And if you like the fractal picture showing in the thumbnail at upper left, it is available in the Wallpaper Division.

Today’s news. 18 June 2001.

More images. To continue the “saga”, more galleries have been opened, some of which include variations of previous images. New wallpaper. I also added a new wallpaper based on Starstone Track (pictured at right) to the Wallpaper Division. Fractal Explorer v1.22se. As has been previously announced, there is another update to this wonderful fractal generator. It was released a week ago by its authors as Fractal Explorer v1.22 Second Edition. FE homepage has been moved to another server too, so there are several improvements in there as well. You can go to the Software section to read more about it, or head straight to its new homepage. FTP. No, it doesn’t stand for File Transfer Protocol; it stands for Fractal Therapeutic Project. This nice application is, in its core, another powerful Stephen C. Ferguson application. What stands out from this one, though, is the extremely easy and user-friendly interface designed by Joseph Trotsky. It is very simple if compared with today’s noteworthy generators, but, in my opinion, it is the BEST all-around fractal generator for beginners looking to learn about fractal imagining (not the one-click-does-all-the work approach), and children. As the name suggests, it was intended to be a tool in medical therapeutics, but it also offers a great service to the community at large. Visit the Software section to learn more.

And then some. 11 June 2001.

More galleries are opened, some of which include new images or variations of previous ones. Also, I have updated and added new information to the Fractal.nfo section, and made some editorial adjustments to the Spanish version of the article The Nature of Fractals (Naturaleza de los Fractales). There are a few cute and nice buttons you can use to link to that web site (if you wish). Look for them at the bottom of this page.

Six galleries opened, and a new wallpaper added. 03 June 2001.

I uploaded six new galleries (including the Ann Nabuki Collection, Middle Earth, Blending Life, and the XaoS Corridor), but there are some eighteen additional ones to go yet. I’m going to try to finish the migration before Fractovia’s third anniversary next Tuesday (I anticipate failure). Visit the Passageway to see them. I also finished another wallpaper. I have called America v4 because it reminds me of the American continent (sort of). It is available for both 800×600 and 1024×768 resolution. I hope you like it. The Fractal.nfo has been updated too, so look for it in the Tutorials (Reading) section.

Four galleries reopened. 29 may 2001.

To continue the reactivation of all of Fractovia’s material, I uploaded four new galleries to the Passageway. They are: the Garden of Fractal Delights and the Garden of Heresy, both of which contain fourteen Fractal Explorer images each; and the All Hallow’s Morrow rooms. More galleries should be ready soon.

New wallpaper added. 28 may 2001.

Although I don’t exactly like this one, I decided to add it to the wallpaper collection. The basic idea is “workable”, but somehow, there’s nothing more I could do with it. Maybe it was that big dark blot covering a quarter of the upper right side. If anybody have an idea on what could fit in there, let me know.

Inaugurate Fractovia’s discussion forums. 27 may 2001.

I have finally had some time to work with the long-planned forum area. There are several discussion topics opened already, ranging from fractal art and theory to everyday ramblings. Just click on the following link to enter the forums and participate in the discussion.

New wallpaper added. 21 may 2001.

Today, I’ve added a new wallpaper to the Wallpaper Division. Its mood is a little bit different to the previous ones, but I like it. I also added a small utility that calculates your monitor’s resolution (in case you don’t know it) to help you decide which wallpaper size better fits your screen.

New version of Fractal Forge. 18 may 2001.

Uberto Barbini released a new beta version of Fractal Forge on 26 March 2001. I didn’t notice it until now, but it’s already available from the Software Section or the Unofficial site hosted by third.apex.to.fractovia. This new version incorporates AVI video output and Julia floating windows. Fractal Forge is also open source.

We’re almost ready. 17 May 2001.

After several months of troubles and “busyness”, the new Fractovia is almost finished. Most of its content, except for the fractal galleries, is already online, so you can access them right now. The rest is planned to reopen sometime before Fractovia’s 3rd anniversary, in early June 2001.

  • Changes:
    – new domain name (fractovia.org)
    – wallpaper section
    – new images (starting June)
    – new color scheme
    – a whole new design

A new version of Fractal Explorer has been released. 17 May 2001.

Olga Fedorenko and Arthur Sirotinsky, creators of Fractal Explorer, have released version 1.22 of this great fractal generator. New in this version: quaternion rendering and animation, a formula parser by Kyle McCord, and a lot of other features and fixes. Visit Fractal Explorer web site.

New wallpaper section. 17 may 2001.

At last, here they are. Right now, there are only three fractal wallpapers for your enjoyment. They’re also available from Deviant Art and Wallpaper.cz web sites. More will be posted to the three sites in the coming days.


We’re still online after a two months offline hiatus and four months without a single update. The reasons are too many to list them here. Suffice to say that we moved to another service, and that we’re showing a new look.

Although it seems Fractovia moves every six months (some kind of cybernomad, if you like), the truth is this one should be the last one: after almost three years of being online, we got our own domain name, fractovia.org. Weird Ivo will help me in the maintenance of this web site and other things that are still to come.