Resuming life. 02 April 2007.

Listening to: Massive Attack, “Five Man Army”, from the album Collected.
Reading: George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones
Watching: The Protector (2005).

Some people find fractal pictures fascinating because they are stunningly intricate, as defined by their very nature. Yet, sometimes I like them because of the opposite: the unexpected simplicity and softness of their hidden contours make me feel at ease with infinity. You can look at them for hours trying to bestow some attribute that, according to you, will reveal a message. But while we wonder how encompassing or universal that idea might be, it never leaves the subjective dimension of interpretation. We also come by a dual treat in here because as we work with a fractal generator to render a picture of a fractal, we commit our imagination to render its meaning as well. As such, a fractal picture is never finished, because after the first rendition, it rests upon each viewer to extend some sense to it. So in case you want to experience these two dimensions of this muntidimensional realm by yourself, I have updated the Software section, to which I have added several generators —for both PC and Mac— to keep you busy for a long while. – JL