Quaint name for fractal dimensions

A few days ago I was saying how I think my pictures are kind of “traditional”, as in a little bit outmoded. And so they are… if you compare them to what people with more recent –sophisticated– fractal generators can do (the software used to render mine, long forgotten by their own authors, miraculously run in Windows 10). Even examining their style, anyone can assert they predate this millennium. With their coarse contours and somewhat eroded colors, they’re kind of too distant from today’s standards. But that’s what a style…Continue Reading “Quaint name for fractal dimensions”


I’ll be uploading some fractal pictures in the next few days. Most likely, I’ll organize them in galleries according to the date of creation. With all probability, it won’t be a feat to finish in a day since I’m going to render them again to a larger size because most of my original images were relatively small in order to save precious server space, too critical in the late 1990s. I’ll be testing if that makes sense; if not, will name them like I used to do in fractovia….Continue Reading “Testing”


I’ve already uploaded fractovia’s skeleton to this new WordPress installation. A lot more is scheduled for the coming days, including the old software section, which will be renewed with recent fractal generators in the coming months. I hope everything works out well. This new picture above, as usual, was done in Tiera-Zon. There’s something else I realized these past few days: I’ll stop claiming I’m a fractal artist (if ever I did so). As I review my old pictures and consider the ones I’ve been working…Continue Reading “By-product”

10y & 20y

Waves have their ups and downs; sometimes they come and go, come and go… And so, after a huge hiatus, my interest for fractal pictures has unexpectedly self-renewed for a second season, starting today with a new angle from an old favorite: Estudio Detail 2. A short narrative of what has happened lately Twenty years as of this year (exact date is unknown) I started to create my first fractal pictures after hooking up to the Internet for the first time and searching for this topic to satiate a…Continue Reading “10y & 20y”